Possible activities at the school include expositions and awards for painting and poetry, chamber music concerts, symposiums and chances to meet well known artists who wish to take part in an experience of artistic "communication".
It is easy to organise visits to sites of artistic interest and museums, of which our area offers a rich supply. The Tuscia zone is one of the primary Etruscan sites, an ideal destination for archaeological "explorations" (much of the ruins of the city of Castro must still be discovered). Vulci, Tarquinia, Tuscania, Sorano, Sovana, Orvieto, Pitigliano, Cosa and Roselle are just some of the towns that can be reached by enthusiasts of history and archaeology in less than an hour!

Aficionados of Renaissance history are advised to take excursions in discovery of the residences and castles of the Farnese family: Caprarola, Viterbo, Montefiascone, Bolsena, Gradoli, Valentano, Capodimonte etc.








Those who are interested can visit the nearby olive-press and the dairy farm which produce olive oil and typical Farnesian cheeses. The olive oil of Farnese, which is named "Canino" is considered one of the best Italian oils. V. Emanuele III, 159 - 01010 Farnese - (VT) Italy - Tel +39 06 3202157 - Mobile: +39 349 8053802 - e-mail: