Renaissance literally means ”rebirth”, it is the period in history characterized by renewed interest in classical learning and art. It began in Italy and produced an extraodinary flowering of the arts and intellectual movement. With great respect and following the tradition of this period, the Art School was named Borgo Rinascimento.

The academy, along with various laboratories and a cultural centre, is housed in the buildings of an ancient farm constituting a small “borgo” or village.

Borgo Rinascimento is found just outside Farnese, a peacefull town that seems to have returned to the rhythms of yesteryear, and that gave its name to the Farnese family, native sons who reached such glorious heights during the "Rinascimento", or Renaissance.

The area in which Farnese is located is known as the Upper Tuscia, a zone that runs from Bolsena Lake to the sea, bordering on the Tuscany region. To the north of Farnese is the Forest of Lamone, today a nature reserve of rare beauty.

The surrounding countryside is unspoiled, a world unto itself, and yet it lies very near the highly trafficked Via Aurelia and the numerous attractions of the adjoining coastal area; over the centuries the tens of thousands of acres of countryside have been safeguarded by the noble families of the Tuscany and Latium regions. The horses one encounters are often those of the "Butteri" cowherds, who in this area, given the large size of the land holdings, still prove indispensable when it comes to moving herds from one pasture to the next. Though the job is reminiscent of times gone by, it is still highly practical in this area, and not merely a vestige of folklore.

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